At Smiths Machine we love a good challenge. We aim to anticipate our customers’ current and future needs, and we do not stop working until we find the right process.

It all starts with our Process Engineers who begin by truly understanding your needs and objectives. This clear-eyed understanding informs each step: from planning and production to quality assurance and logistics.

Our team is driven by an intense desire to find and implement the best solution for the part and the customer. That means looking beyond the simple or obvious.

It means taking precision to a whole new level.

From big picture planning to detailed checklist used during manufacturing we maintain consistency through multiple tools created by our Engineering Team. These tools are the backbone to our standardized methods for processing parts.

SM Engineering Process Arrow

Because, at Smiths Machine, we do not want to merely be your supplier. We want to be a trusted partner who helps you achieve success in every way. It’s one more way you can expect more from Smiths Machine.