Smiths Machine Presents at IMTS

Smiths Machine was proud to be a presenter at Siemens Industry Inc. booth E-5010 at IMTS 2012. The theme for Siemens at the 2012 show was “Productivity in Motion.” Siemens introduced new solutions and services for machine tool manufacturers and end users – including turnkey applications for job shops and specialty parts manufacturing.

Tim Smith and Gerhard Hetzler designed their presentation to demonstrate the benefits Smiths Machine has acquired from using Siemens products and how those products have provided Smiths with a decided competitive advantage. Currently, 95% of Smiths Machine’s 28 CNC machines are controlled by Siemens controls.

In the presentation, Smith explained how we have gained accuracy, efficiency and flexibility by using Siemens products. Hetzler elaborated by demonstrating two of features of the Siemens controls utilized most by Smiths Machine. The Siemens Cycle 800 for ISO-code programming and the TRAORI function inside the Siemens Controls to enable compensation movements of the involved cartesian axis help the company maintain a competitive advantage while machining specialty parts through the use of the machine control.

Tim Smith said “Siemens offers a variety of great products. We have always received great service from them and value our relationship. It was nice to have an opportunity to share with other end users what we have found works best.”