Core Values, Mission, Vision and Culture


The mission of Smiths Machine is to provide an excellent customer relationship built upon accuracy, capabilities and world class service that excels above all others.


The vision of Smiths Machine is to continually grow and improve our capabilities and processes to meet the ever changing needs of the precision component manufacturing industry. This will allow us to expand across multiple markets, becoming a more dynamic company.

Core Values

We believe in doing things right the first time, every time.

We believe in being honest. Earning trust by matching our behaviors to our work, being responsible for our actions and holding ourselves to the highest possible standards.

We believe in staying engaged in our work and having the focused attitude of self-control that drives systematic and consistent results.

We believe in being process-oriented to ensure the repeatability and reliability of our internal operations, enabling us to measure and continually improve our performance.

We believe in the skills, strengths and knowledge of our diverse team. They are and will always be our competitive advantage.

Our culture is one of adaptability and excellence. We are constantly re-examining our capabilities and processes to ensure our company remains innovative and prepared to meet the future demands of our customers.

Built on a foundation of hard work and dedication, our knowledgeable team focuses on holding onto values while modernizing methods. We strive to excel in every aspect of what we do.