Company History

 The Smith Family (left to right) Tim, Woody, Judy, Robert and Dell.

The Smith Family (left to right): Tim, Woody, Judy, Robert and Dell.

The Smiths Machine story is the American story. In the midst of a 1970’s recession, Woody Smith told his wife Judy about his dream of owning his own machine shop. In 1974, Woody and his Father opened Smith’s Welding & Machine Shop in a garage.

Today, Smiths Machine LLC employs over 100 highly skilled workers who provide the kind of state-of-the-art precision and quality that customers in the defense, aerospace, energy and other commercial industries demand.

Along the way, the Smith children literally grew up with the business, doing whatever it took to help the family shop grow. And grow it did. Now Robert, Tim and, most recently, Dell actively manage the business.

If you ask Judy Smith to tell you the real story behind Smiths Machine, she’s quick with the answer.

“The real story is our people. There are great people working at Smiths Machine, with a level of teamwork I doubt you’ll find too many other places.”

In September of 2015, Smiths Machine was acquired by ARCH Global Precision, a group of precision machining and precision cutting tool companies. Being a part of a larger team has enabled the Smiths to continue to see their dream grow.

Now, Smiths Machine is able to offer customers the best of both worlds: the process controls and sophistication of a large enterprise while retaining the agility of a family-owned business.

“For more than 30 years, our motto has been “Can Do,” Tim Smith said. “We don’t intend to stop now.”